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Glow In The Dark Fetish Set

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A unique set for exciting adventures: Glow In The Dark Fetish Set

An enchanting eye mask that stimulates all the senses

Be seduced by the mysterious allure of the opaque eye mask in this exclusive Glow In The Dark Fetish Set. With a wide rubber headband, this mask not only provides absolute blackout, but also ultimate comfort. It's time to let yourself be drawn into a world full of excitement and thrills.

Wearing this eye mask takes you to another dimension, where your senses are sharp. Every touch, every sound and every smell is experienced more intensively. Do you dare to surrender to the unknown and relinquish control? With this fetish set you hold the key to a world full of pleasure and excitement.

Handcuffs that capture your desires

Freedom can sometimes be limiting. Let yourself go and surrender to the stimulating moments with the adjustable handcuffs from this Glow In The Dark Fetish Set. Made of high-quality material and equipped with adjustable buckle closures, these handcuffs offer a perfect fit for everyone (circumference 18 cm to 28 cm).

The sensation of being trapped, the pleasant shivers that run through your body, and the desire for more. This is what the handcuffs in this fetish set represent. Do you dare to completely surrender yourself to the lust and passion they bring? Let your imagination run wild and discover a world of boundless pleasure.

A flutter paddle that makes the game intense

Make every touch unforgettable with the included wapper paddle in this GlowInTheDark Fetish Set. With a length of 31 cm, this paddle fits perfectly in the hand and lets your desires come to life in a playful way. The noble leather look with fluorescent details gives the paddle a unique look, especially in the dark.

Make your partner tremble with pleasure as you playfully stroke the paddle against his or her skin. Every tap creates an explosion of sensation and desire. Do you dare to let go of control and surrender to the pleasure that this waving paddle brings?

Tip: To enhance the radiant glow effect, shine the objects under a bright light source for a few minutes. So you are completely ready for a night full of exciting adventures.

With the Bad Kitty GlowInTheDark Fetish Set you get a complete experience that will stimulate all your senses. Dare to treat yourself to a culmination of captivating fantasies and be seduced by the magic of the unknown.