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Love Bath Dragon Fruit

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Love Bath Dragon Fruit

Experience an exotic sensation in your own bathroom with the Shunga Lovebath Dragon Fruit.

Step into your bathtub and immerse yourself in a world full of exotic scents and sensations with the Shunga Lovebath Dragon Fruit. This unique experience brings a seductive paradise of scents straight to your home.

Hydrate and care for your skin with this special formula for a soft and radiant appearance.

As you fill your bath, you will be enchanted by the wonderful aromas that spread through your bathroom and stimulate your senses. But that is not everything. This Lovebath Dragon Fruit also offers numerous benefits for your skin. The special formula hydrates and cares for your skin, leaving you feeling soft and radiant after bathing.

Escape to a tropical paradise with the enchanting scent of dragon fruit.

Pamper yourself with the ultimate moments of relaxation and let your erotic imagination run wild. Close your eyes, let the sensual scent enchant you and feel the tension of the day melt away. Treat yourself to a bathing experience like never before with the Lovebath Dragon Fruit and turn your boring bathroom into a tropical oasis.