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Stainless steel bowl 15cm

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Stainless Steel Bowl 15CM for Nuru Gel and Nuru Massage Oil

A durable shell for the ultimate Nuru experience

Enrich your intimate moments with the Stainless Steel Bowl 15CM, specially designed for the use of Nuru Gel and Nuru Massage Oil. With this high-quality bowl you create an intimate setting that stimulates all your senses. Discover why this bowl is an essential accessory for an immersive massage experience.

Enjoy a luxurious atmosphere

With the Stainless Steel Bowl 15CM you can take your Nuru massages to a higher level. The shiny stainless steel material gives any room a touch of elegance and luxury, instantly relaxing and putting you in the mood. Moreover, the shell is sturdy and durable, so you can enjoy it for years to come on all your sensual adventures.

Perfect size for convenience and comfort

This bowl has an ideal size of 15CM, which means it fits perfectly in the palm of your hand. This provides an effortless grip and makes it easy to spread the Nuru Gel or Massage Oil evenly over the body. The right size means you don't have to worry about spills or spills, allowing you to fully enjoy the moment without interruptions.

Create a sensual experience

With the Stainless Steel Bowl 15CM you add a touch of sensuality to your Nuru massages. The smooth stainless steel surface provides a sensual touch to the skin and enhances the intensity of each massage movement. Let your partner be surprised by the professional appearance of this bowl and enjoy an intimate adventure together full of passion and fun.

Discover the difference with the Stainless Steel Bowl 15CM

The Stainless Steel Bowl 15CM is designed with your comfort and enjoyment in mind. This durable, stylish bowl takes your Nuru massages to the next level and creates an unforgettable experience. Add a touch of luxury to your intimate moments and enjoy the sensual stimuli this bowl has to offer. Choose quality, convenience and sensuality - choose the Stainless Steel Bowl 15CM for Nuru Gel and Nuru Massage Oil.